The Company

Pulled together by a call to guard a merchant caravan across distant and dangerous lands as they sought to escape their pasts, or seek adventure, a group of outcasts and runaways found themselves flung into the past, joined by crusader of that time. Now Knights of Blackmoor, a Kingdom out of legend, they are:


(GM) Sacred Worlds
(GM) Burn It All
(GM) Quicksilver
(PC) Never Ending Story
(PC) Bad Moon Rising

Aliana Brighteye:
(GM) I Believe
(GM) Elan
(PC) Song of Joy

Erinys Ketar:
(GM) Rainbow in the Dark
(GM) Sentinels of Brokilon
(PC) Our Farewell

(GM) I Want It All
(GM) Hell’s Coming With Me

Bruegger Barleyfield:
(GM) LotRO-Bombadil Theme
(GM) Iron

(GM) Where is the Edge
(GM) The Lucky One

The Company

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