Alcori Rudbelder

Caravan merchant headed south through dangerous territory.


Alcori.jpg Well spoken, even tempered, but with a stare that can stop an ogre in it’s tracks, Alcori stands just under six feet with greying brown hair and hard brown eyes. Alcori stands straight despite likely being in his 5th decade, and wears rugged and well kept travelers gear, a voluminous cloak, and upon his hip a cavalry saber.



Alcori Rudbelder, a man of the south, arrived in the Border Province of Tangwell of the newly established Kingdom of Norwold with several wagons and a coterie of guardsmen, hailing from points farther North and East within the nascent kingdom.

In the week spent in Tangwell resupplying, he hired a vast array of rough and ready frontier toughs and down on their luck adventurers, nearly doubling his caravan’s guard contingent. With a 10 gold signing bonus, and promise of double the going rate, Alcori had no shortage of applicants.

Alcori has shared little with his newly hired hands, except that they will be traveling overland to Corunglain in the Republic of Darokin far to the south. A journey of several months through many hostile lands.

Alcori Rudbelder

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