Dagolas Copperbraid

Capable dwarven guardsmen with a fists first attitude.


Dagolas.jpg Standing roughly 5’2", broadshouldered, with auburn hair, this dwarf sports a square-cut beard with a single chin braid. Geared in studded leather, cap, and iron-studded gloves, he appears unarmed, except when on duty and carrying around the standard light crossbow provided to all guardsmen of the caravan.

Dagolas has an easy stance no matter the situation, and is quick to move despite his brawn and bulk.



A somewhat terse dwarven warrior, with a dry sense of humor, Dagolas is in charge of the Nightwatch for Rudbelder’s Caravan.

Rather no nonsense when it comes to getting things done, Dagolas makes sure that he, and anyone under his command can handle themselves in a fight, and understands how to do their job.

While more than willing to have a friendly chat, or brawl, Dagolas shares little about his life or past, and even less about his employer. It is clear, however, that whatever else happens, he takes his duty to the caravan as guardian very seriously.

Dagolas Copperbraid

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