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What happens in Mystara, almost never stays in Mystara…


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Home of The Known World, the Frontier of Norwold, the great Empire of Alphatia, the Savage Coast…a world ancient and powerful, watched by the Immortals, fought over by many, a vault for secrets and lost mysteries. The campaign world of the BECMI Boxed set version of Dungeons and Dragons, our story starts there.

Blackmoor, The First Campaign Setting

Our roughshod assortment of PCs have lost the immediate direction of their lives with the terrifying and murderous destruction of the caravan they were guarding, at the hands of several tribes of humanoids in the Broken Lands of the Known World. Fleeing from the massacre, the group discovered an impossible oddity in the middle of the wastes upon a great sandstone butte – a black stone building, weathered but intact, bearing the signboard that declared it, “The Comeback Inn”.

Retreating into the empty building for cover and defense against the humanoids, they soon discovered that they were trapped within by the magic of the domicile. With no other way out, and in a tense alliance with a Paladin from ancient times that had appeared shortly after their arrival in the basement, the group threw caution to the wind and strode forth into a misty portal in the Inn’s deepest cellar.

They find themselves now in Blackmoor, land of legend and wild magic, in a time before history, in a kingdom on the brink of destruction.

Welcome to Blackmoor, haven against relentless enemies in the wild north. Our story continues here.

D&D (5th Edition)

The campaign began with the last playtest packet of D&D NEXT, and with the transit of the adventurers into a portal through space and time, now completes it’s conversion to the full, official 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons. While the game will proceed more or less following the published core rules, certain house rules will be in effect for all characters going forward, as well as certain allowances for PCs to retain certain abilities possessed under playtest rules.

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